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Corpsed torso
Corpsed Torso
Haunt Seekers Lifesize pumpki scarecrow
Corsped Torso
Haunt Seekers Prop Shop Banner

Life sized mounted zombie head on a plaque - $65

Lifesize pumpkin scarecrow $200

Lifesize corpse torsos (with up arms) - $160 a

Life size corpse torsos (no arms) - $150

Banshie crawler
Zombie Crawler

Zombie/banshee crawler or flier 

(can beade to hang at buyers  request) $200

Smoldering Cross
Regular Cross

Foam cross (plain or smoldering) - $25 

Stump with skull

Stump with skull (approximately 2ft tall) - $150

Skull with 5 candles

Skull with 5 candles (includes tea light in each candle - $45 

Individuel candles (includes tea light in each candle) 

SM (3'') - $4 

MD (4''0 - $5 

LG (5-6'') - $6 

Candle bundles (includes tea light for each candle)

3 candles $12 

4 candles $14

5 candles $16 

Props will vary from photos shown as each prop is handcrafted and painted (no molds used.) Each prop is unique and you can  choose skin, hair and eye color (where applicable).

Props are made of foam, of plastic and paper. Our props have limited weather resistance but are not made to withstand extended periods of being outdoors. 

We are also able to create almost anything. So if you you have an idea give us a call and we can discuss you ideas. 


Life sized mounted zombie head on plaque

Haunt Seekers United Nation, LLC is the premier prop shop for all your spooky needs. We specialize in handcrafted, high-quality props that bring any haunt to life. With our unique designs and a wide selection of items, we have something to satisfy any horror fan.

Our mission is to provide horror enthusiasts with professional-grade props that can help create a one-of-a-kind experience. We offer props for all types of hauntings, from backyard scary scenes to full-blown haunted houses. Come visit us to see what we have in store for you

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