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Haunted overload Review

Haunted Overload Review:

Saturday October 21st Haunt Seekers made the ten hour drive to the Legendary Haunted Overload located in Lee, New Hampshire, just 45 mins out of Manchester. This haunt is on a full working farm with plenty of parking for guests who continue to participate in the amazing attraction. Haunted Overload is very well known world wide; drawing in people from all over the world. This haunt has made its way to the top haunted attraction in the United States with a truly immersive experience. Awaiting you behind those gates is a real life Halloween town with some sets exceeding 30 to 50 ft In height, truly massive compared to your ordinary haunted house/woods. Even the line is a experience in its own with over 300 ft of line space, awesome displays and giant creatures along the way. When you finally reach the ticket booth you will be blown away! Prepare your self for the most amazing Halloween town-like set up. It has giant towering Jack 'o Lanterns and a huge skull face cloaked in all black, the biggest reaper we have had the opportunity of seeing in any haunt that we’ve visited. This haunt is going to take you a total of 45 minutes to complete on your journey. You will encounter witches, clowns, dolls, and more! Haunted Overload also has a gift shop at the end with a Photo Booth for the group so be sure to stop by this and check it out!

Which brings us to our rating Haunt Seekers has decided that The Haunted Overload is a 5 star rated haunt! This haunt is truly a masterpiece! We can’t recommend this enough! Get out there and see them in action!

Thanks on behalf of Haunt Seekers United Nation, LLC for having us out! Keep it spooky!

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