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Hallows End Review

Last Friday Haunt Seekers took the trip to Hallows End located in Staten Island, NY as this haunt was one of our stops on the Haunt Seekers Haunt Tour. This haunt is located in a very busy area but you can still see the very beautiful city of New York from the location. Keep in mind parking is along the roads so be ready to walk from your car as there is no parking. This brings us to the haunt; it is once again not your typical place to set up a haunt of this size as we all are use to woods, fairgrounds and warehouses. This haunt is set up in the famous Ferry Hawks Stadium which is an impressive size for a haunt to be set up in this location. This attraction offered 4 houses which took us a total of 40 minutes for the walk through. We will be honest on the overall set up the first two houses were amazing and walk through with great details all over from start to finish. The last two houses lacked in detail except for the clown maze. Now actors however ran this place the entire time they made the show! Without the actors this would have been a terrible experience as it would just been a museum. We speak very highly on the full cast that they had running the haunt; they absolutely killed it! Big shout out to Batty the Klown, he was on us from the point we stepped foot in the maze and didn't stop until he got us to jump or even make us laugh which always is good to get out of a group. Again this haunt definitely needs more attention to details and less blank walls. Get that and you'll have it! You have the perfect cast! They run this show! This is really a good haunt for having only been set up in a matter of months. They also offer merchandise. We got a few hoodies and shirts to sport around! Great quality might I add! So overall we did enjoy the this haunt but keep in mind what we said above and you guys will be spectacular!

Haunt Seeker has decided that this haunt is rated a 3.5 stars based on the details within the haunt.

Thanks on behalf of Haunt Seekers United Nation, LLC for having us out keep it spooky!

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