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The Rising Haunted Attraction

Winding down a dark and shrouded road deeper and deeper into Pulaski County you will find a popular haunt known as The Rising Haunted Attraction. I recently followed this path, fear and doubt increasing as I approached. Wondering not only about the horrors that awaited my young son and I, but also whether my GPS was broken because at one point the road became dirt and stone…

Fear not traveler for if you experience this same wonder and dread, I assure you the path is true. You will soon find a sea of cars and some ghoulishly friendly parking attendants to guide you to your destination.

Upon arrival, you will find a parking lot with ample parking and easy access to the haunt. The entrance gate has 2 signs posted regarding entering with young children and COVID-19 (both of which you assume responsibility for and enter at your own risk). These signs are posted at an opening in a tall wooden fence. Once you enter the opening you are in a que line directed to a booth with 2 separate windows each clearly marked concessions or tickets. They also have haunt merchandise for sale at either window. Entry price for the haunt is 13.00 with a fast pass available for 20.00. When we arrived at 8:30 pm (haunt is open from 8pm to Midnight Friday and Saturday) there was a relatively short line but it was getting crowded fast.

The haunt itself was unique and truly entertaining as well as full of well-planned surprises and scares along the way. The theme is New Orleans Bayou home where the family has been cursed with a foul and terrible experience. Their home is transformed into a supernatural inferno full of classic ghouls and zombies, demented clowns, mutated beasts, skeletons, cannibals, and of course even a voodoo priestess. Be prepared for the special and unusual elements as well – things are not always as they seem in this haunted estate.

Your supernatural tour of The Rising Haunted Attraction should take about 30-40 minutes once you enter the house.

While you are there, please say hi to the wonderful performers who I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact I must give a shout out to 3 who you have to track down during your visit…the most notable from my experience – the greeter, the “baby face” (the one who scared me for real! 😊), and the pig man…one of which turned out to be the owner of the attraction.

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