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Sweet Dreams Scare House Review

October 31,2020 Haunt Seekers United Nation review team 

traveled to Sweet Dreams Scare House in Easley, South Carolina. With the blue moon creeping behind the clouds our team got into the Halloween Spirit while driving down the main road to the Scarehouse. We truly thought we were on our way to someone's personal house, until lazer beams and screams became our map when we finally found our location. The signage is quite small so make sure to be on the look out for the hearse and free candy van! Speaking with the owner Joe, he informed us they were working on better signs for the road as this is only their fourth year at this location. With some new renovations this year they have a very large dirt parking lot with an outstanding amount of eye catching entertainment all around. Fire breathers, a wonderful little gift shop, a food station that had wonderful smelling funnel cakes, (which both these places were newly built for this season) , to just plain strange things happening all greet you as you arrive. This location is perfectly and uniquely placed along big power lines which gave it an even more eerie feeling! 

With two options to choose from for this show, you can take their normal tour or you can pay a little extra for the  18 or older ''R'' rated tour. Our team was torn on which to choose so Joe recommended to let at least one of us do the ''R'' rated tour and the other two do the regular so we could see what all happens. With the 18+ tour you will be touched, grabbed, taken from you group and you will truly learn the promiscuous ways of an "18+" show. Adults only is for sure an event that will keep you fully involved in the show. 

With tickets in hand we made our way to their brand new compound; we found this very unique considering most haunts call it a midway. They were hosting a Flesh hook show, which if you are unfamiliar with this, it's someone who attaches hooks to their body piercings and they will swing from them or hang! The compound had many character interactions while waiting in line and plenty of photo opportunities. Make sure your battery level is full! Once you get to the start of the scare house you will wait, as mentioned before, in between groups to insure covid guidelines are followed and tour experiences are specific to your group. This is also when we found the R rated tour reviewer Will was in for a treat. We found ourselves immersed in a 1/4 mile trail that had everything from hillbillies, mutants, freaks, clowns, teddy bears, to even a pastor who will warn you of the danger you are seeking. Beware things are not always as they seem in the beginning and nothing goes unseen. Each of our reviews either jumped or almost fell out with fear. Our rated "R" tour kept our reviewer Will on his toes, or maybe his back. But we won't spoil the details here. Our Haunt seekers review team were not disappointed with this crew! From scenes to make up, design to scare factor, we were NOT disappointed at all! A must see haunt in South Carolina for sure.

Haunt Seekers United Nation gladly gives Sweet Dreams Scare House in Easley SC a well earned 5 of 5 Tombstones!

Haunt Seekers United Nation Review Team

Courtney Ruark

William Lewis

Jennifer Bestpitch

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