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Skeletons Lair Scream Park Review

/Skeletons Lair Scream Park Review

September 28, 2019

On Friday September 28th Haunt Seekers went on a road trip to Scottsville Kentucky, an hour and 15 minute trip, to see Amy Burge at Skeleton’s Lair. 

As soon as you pull into the parking area you notice how big this place actually is. There is plenty of parking to accommodate all. We all piled out of the cars and started our trip into the woods to the ticket booth. Skeleton’s Lair has several ticket options but the best bang for your buck is for all the attractions for $30.00. For those who did not bring enough cash there is an ATM on site. After paying for our tickets we ascended further into the woods. The first attraction we came to was a 3D house and the attention to detail was phenomenal as well as the other haunted attractions. 

We made our way to the next attraction and noticed they had concessions which were very reasonably priced. Next we went into the main haunted attraction and couldn’t help but notice once again the attention to detail. From the scenes all the way down to the actor’s costumes and makeup, it was all amazing. The props alone were enough to scare you, but the actors who never came out of character one time is what created the haunted atmosphere. Throughout the main haunt, you go through several houses that were two stories. To the eye, it seemed that no space was left untouched and they used it to their advantage in all aspects.

All of the structures, including the slides, were very sturdy and safely built. After you finish the main haunt, they even have a haunted hayride where not only do they have scare actors but scene actors as well, which blew my mind. The interaction with the actors was on point from start to finish. Once the hayride is over, you’re not done yet. I hope you like dolls! As you go through the last attraction, again the attention to detail is incredible. Oh my God they have a Chucky! As we completed the haunts we headed towards the exit where they have a gift shop and we met the owners and staff. After a long conversation, you can tell their love for the haunt, the actors, and employees is more like a family rather than a work place which is what made this haunted house great. 

I am giving Skeleton’s Lair a 5 out of 5 star review and claiming it as a must see attraction. Don’t forget to say hi to Pennywise as you slide down to the sewer and as always, stay spooky.

5/5 stars

-James Pickett at Haunt Seekers United Nation 

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