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Screamville Haunted Attraction Review

Screamville Haunted Attraction Review

October 18, 2019

     Screamville is a thrilling haunt, this was our first time there and we loved it. My expectations were exceeded during this 30-minute trail. There was an abundance of actors spread out through the 10-acre cornfield, repeatedly appearing out of nowhere. We screamed, jumped, and laughed throughout the whole haunt. The best part was there was something different around every corner!


     Everywhere you looked, someone was ready to jump out and scare you.  Although it was nerve-racking, there were a few actors who weren’t as enthusiastic as the others, and that would be my only complaint. However, most of the actors did a very great job. Even the younger ones surprised me! The number of actors that were at Screamville was impressive. They were all interactive during the walkthrough, whether it was singing, chasing you with a chainsaw, or screaming for help, they did well. 


   Another attraction of theirs is a coffin simulator. You lie down, and it feels as if you are being buried alive. There are unexpected twists during the whole simulation. The coffin would twist and turn, as the pallbearers talked. The coffin is a nice touch to the entire experience.  


    Overall, this haunt was great. I would go again and again. The team enjoyed it. I would recommend this location to all of the haunt lovers out there. 

-Haunt Seekers United Nation 

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