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Nashville Nightmare Haunted House Review

Nashville Nightmare Review

September 19, 2019

Tucked into the darkest corners of Middle Tennessee is the most phenomenal haunted house the volunteer state has to offer, Nashville Nightmare. There are 6 incredible haunted houses, a wide selection of (boo)ze, and the most phenomenal cue line workers; what more could you ask for? As a matter of fact, they offer even more amazing things for you to do at this Halloween heavyweight. Attractions that include a photo booth, escape rooms, axe throwing and carnival games. This is your go-to spot for Halloween.

The Haunts all have their own unique story and flare that will make this an unforgettable destination. The insane amount of work they have cultivated will blow your mind and envelop you into the show. My favorite part which truly shows their craftsmanship is Sector 615. Walking through the “quarantine zone” you are faced with the most terrifying TRIXON (you will find out what that is when you visit). Walking through you will think that you should be wearing a hazmat suit. Cryogenic freezers, biohazard material, to the city of Rayon; you will absolutely have the thought you might need to see a doctor. This was my personal favorite for detailed work, presentation, and I’m just an avid sci-fi enthusiast.

My second favorite of the bunch was the Twisted Tales. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to walk through a pirates’ worst nightmare, this has every bit of that, plus the environment to drag you through this sea-scaped haunt. Being almost devoured by insanely huge creatures, spot on sea monsters, fog manipulation, this haunt had me gripping my fist in fright from start to the end. It was by far the most impressive sea based haunts I’ve encountered in my haunt history. I definitely recommend this being your last stop at Nashville Nightmare.

Lastly, to wrap this up,I just want to say that I had such great remarks for the haunt. I couldn’t put everything in this review for the simple reason that I would be writing a novel. If you’re wanting to have the most spooky Halloween experience, pack your wallet with cash. The side attractions are just as equally fun to make this a night to remember. The escape games are insanely and will keep you smiling intensely. If you don’t have a great time at other haunts you will surely be knocked off your rocker at this one.

4/5 stars

Stay Spooky!

-Johnny Stith at Haunt Seekers United Nation 

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