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Mad World Haunted Attraction Review

Haunt Seekers United Nation made the adventure to Mad

World Haunted attraction in Anderson County, South Carolina. We made our visit on October 23,2020 on a perfect night. Access to the haunt was easily accessible from the interstate. As we ventured down the 2 lane road where MadWorld calls home, we found ourselves stopped by the first parking lot that we at first thought was affiliated with the haunt. However, this is not the case. The first lot you come to is a completely separate entity that charges a fee of $10 and will take you on a "hay-ride" to the haunt gates that is about a football field away. We decided to pull down to the main entrance that had an iron gated entrance with parking attendees and plenty of lighting, verses the other did not.

 Making our way to the ticket line, we found the lines were not as long as we had feared. The line moved rather quickly. We were a little concerned at the shortness of the ticket line, but our worries were soon laid to rest. There are multiple ticket purchase options available from general admission, to VIP, and they even have an option for a season pass to visit as many times possible during haunt season! So if you are a true haunt addict, this is definitely worth your time! Once you purchase your ticket, you will need to complete a waiver before you enter. Tablets are provided or you can use your phone, but either way make sure to screenshot from your phone or take a picture of the tablet for proof. 

 Once we were all signed-in we were welcomed by three different characters, (we won't give spoilers away on this one), upon entry through the massive gate. We found ourselves in a very spacious Midway, where they had haunted carnival style games, a Food Shack, music, a pavilion with tables, a bonfire area, a gift shop (which you could tell that they had been crazy busy due to limited shirt sizes and no online option, this was the only disappointment we had during our visit), and plenty of photo opportunities. They even had a customer service desk! The line to the main attraction was pretty long but we all got neighborly with who we were in line with and so did a few of the characters as well(Spikey is one to watch out for hint hint.) This all made the line move fairly quick.  Before we knew it we were walking into the main building. They have a professional photo opportunity when you first enter into the haunt that will allow you to purchase a 3-D picture that is really unique! 

 We were actually shocked and surprised how they managed to bring the feeling of going inside buildings then back out on the trail, weaving you a around a trail that spans roughly 3/4 of a mile. You really do not realize you have made that much ground. You'll find that they have a scare for everyone. There are between 40 to 50 different scenes from mansions, to mines, clowns, to Pirates, hillbillies, butcher's, and a whopping 200 plus on staff! They have done a phenomenal job making it cohesive and scary. Our word of advice don't look down, you never know what might be there when you look back up. For most of our crew being vet haunters they got good scares out of each of us. Kudos to the MadWorld crew!

 While speaking with one of the CO-Owners, Joe, he explained that there are ample opportunities to expand and make MadWorld bigger. As we were already impressed with the size of this haunt, we can definitely see that an expansion would definitely bring many more options for even more scares and impressive scene builds, and we truly can't wait to see what is in store for all to see! We do know that in the 10 years that they have been operational, they have done an absolutely amazing job! With detailed sets that enlighten your senses, to fears around every turn we know this haunt is bound to exceed your expectations!

 We at Haunt Seekers United Nation are proud to give MadWorld Haunted Attraction a 4.9/5!

Haunt Seekers United Nation Review Team

Courtney Ruark

Jennifer Bestpitch

William Lewis

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