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Lake Joys Haunted trail Review

Lake Joy Trails Of Terror Review

On October 24th 2020, Haunt Seekers United Nation made a visit Lake Joy trails of terror and Eatonton Georgia. This haunt is a sister haunt to the Lake Joy trails of terror located in Kathleen Georgia, which is an outdoor Haunted Trail. This location has taken residence inside of a closed down prison. As you pull into the parking lot you are encountered with a dark and Eerie Gloom, with chain link fence lined with barbed wire. You make your way to the ticket booth where they are taking precaution with covid-19. You are required to have a temperature check before entry, and a mask is required. As you make your way into the ticket booth, you are given multiple options for your visit. You can choose general admission, which is just that, or an option where you can be touched and are given a glow band, or for those brave enough, you can do the extra experience where you will be grabbed, touched, pushed, covered from head to toe in blood, taped up, or locked up in a cage. And not to worry even if you are separated from your group, you will find your way back to them. Our review team decided to take the extra experience tour. We were given a white T-shirt and glow bands to notify the staff that we are partaking and what I can only describe as an absolutely amazing adventure. As we exited the ticket counter and walked into the haunt we were greeted and given the rules. As we were waiting in line in the queue, entertainment mounded with multiple characters to visit us as well as a movie to play on a big screen projection. As you make your way in through the haunt, you are greeted with characters of many. You will walk through areas that are dark and you will walk through areas that will make the hair on the back of your neck rise. Is this because of the creepy aura or is this because of the actual paranormal that lies within the walls of the prison? It gives a feeling of pure adrenaline that rushes through your veins. In this haunt you know not where anything will come from. Will they come out of dark corners? Will they come out of hidden doors? Will they come from the ceiling? There are plenty of surprises and scares that even seasoned haunters are not safe from. 


From psychotic mental patients, to Spirits trapped within, or a visit to bloody Larry, there are a plethora of visual aspects and characters to this haunt that are impressive. With a haunt that is actor driven, this haunt truly has done an incredible job! One thing that is truly amazing with this haunt, is that they use their own ideas. As you make your way through the many scenes that are housed in this haunt, you do not see things that are mimics from horror films. Every room and every character has their own back story. So everything is original. Our review team entered this haunt not knowing what to expect. By the time we exited, we truly were covered from head to toe in blood, glitter, tape, and we had an experience that we truly will never forget!

 We at haunt Seekers United Nation cannot put into words how amazing this haunt is. It is with great pride and our pleasure to give Lake Joy Trails of Terror in Eatonton, GA, a very well deserved 5/5 Tombstones! 

Haunt Seekers United Nation Review Team

Jennifer Bestpitch 

Courtney Ruark

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