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Highland Haunts Review

being a home haunt I was skeptical, but Highland Haunts blew me away. In my opinion, this is the best home haunt I have seen. There were plenty of actors in the haunt, and they acted their parts perfectly. We were extremely impressed!


     Highland Haunts is a free haunt in Maryville, Tennessee. The owner, Matthew Slider, opened this specific haunt two years ago, and it is doing outstandingly well. There are about 9 rooms, each being distinctively unique.  And the attention to detail was terrific. Every time you turn around there was something new and exciting. The first thing I noticed was, each actor did such a good job with their roles and we're exceptionally enthusiastic. I enjoyed walking through and seeing all the different actors. 

     Highland Haunts did a fantastic job, considering all the factors that make this young haunt. Each one of us had a great time and lots of fun at this spooky haunt. Everyone should go check out Highland Haunts! 

-Haunts Seekers United Nation 

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