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Haunted Web Of Horror Review

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Hauntedweb of Horror

A NOT so Silent Night in Memphis, Tennessee 

This was the Hauntedweb of Horrors Christmas themed haunt. Ho Ho Holy crap was this a fun haunt: Creepy elves, Santas, Christmas lights, and lots of scares. To begin you get to have your picture taken with Santa who might be drinking something stronger than eggnog. That big red bag has a bunch of empties in it by the sound of it.

The Christmas lights made a different atmosphere out of the haunt as every scene was lit up so the actors had to really bring the scares with their storytelling and scare tactics, and I can tell you they did. I walked by lots of gore in this haunt and it was terrifying and amazing. One room you walk into is setup like an operating room and there is a gruesome surgery being projected on the screen. It makes you feel very uncomfortable. As you continue on you see Santa being mutilated by one of his trusted elves. I guess they’ll be on his naughty list.

 Overall this Christmas themed haunt was awesome. The lights made it feel festive but they did light up certain areas too much, but the actors did great hiding and scaring in plain sight. My favorite parts were seeing Santa get cut up as he didn’t bring me that bike I wanted when I was 10 and seeing Krampus. That was the scariest part of the haunt in my opinion. 

I give the Hauntedweb of Horrors a NOT so Silent Night 4.8/5 stars. Great job to Jeremy Doty owner of the haunt and Ethan Turon the haunt’s designer. Can’t wait to attend again next year during the regular and Christmas season.

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