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Frightmare Manor Review

Enter if you dare! This Covid abiding Scream Park is sure to not disappoint! Haunt season is a little different than ever before in 2020! But trust that Frightmare Manor is doing everything they can this year to make sure their staff and guests are as safe as possible. From all employees wearing masks, contact being limited, to even witnessing one of the stair rails being cleaned during opening hours.

The excitement starts from the moment you drive up to the entrance, with bright colorful lights welcoming you! As you enter you are startled yet excited by flames being shot out of one of the poles with a banner on it. Your tensions rise as you can hear the music playing all the way out in the field where you park. During your time at Frightmare you learn that this is not only a Screampark, but a real haunted house! You realize that you are on Jeremiah Lexer's plantation, where there were many unexplained sightings, and documented deaths on this very land! While at the attraction you never know what you may see is from this world or quite possibly another...

Just know you're never safe while here! The scares begin in line as different characters come out to play. They follow you throughout your journey of the park ensuring your guard is never down. There are three attractions open this year all at Frightmare Manor.

You start out your journey at the old homeplace of Lexer, where you climb stairs to enter unto the unknown. The home is dark and you can tell it has been abandoned for many years. Even without characters this place has an unsettling feeling. As you begin to walk through the music keeps your heart racing. For you never know what may be hiding behind the many turns that you take. At one point you even come up on an old toilet that may give you your evening shower. There are people and animatronics hiding everywhere and it's hard to tell which is which with the lighting. But just because you're looking all around you to ensure you're safe... doesn't mean that you are as many times throughout your visit you will have your lower legs grabbed by the unknown. If you survive your time through the house you will begin to travel to the indoor maze that continues to the haunted forest. Don't forget as you walk across the park to visit the T-shirt stand or the many full size goblins to take pictures with, including a moving Headless Horseman. The entrance to the indoor maze is a life size dragon head giving you the feeling you are going straight into the belly of the beast! Keep your friends close as you go through this intense maze as you cannot see five feet ahead of you. There are lights and figures all around you as you battle this dark and smoke filled madness as your mind and eyes play tricks on you. Just as you think it's over you have entered the deep dark forest. As there are spooks on both sides of you hollering at you, you are reminded this is where many of the bodies of Lexer's victims were found. As this is not unsettling enough you hear the sound of a close by chainsaw not knowing where it came from but know it's coming straight for you!

Once you are at the end and your adrenaline has a moment to come down you realize that you have had an amazing time! The staff was very informative and helpful. The characters stayed in character and followed all of the new rules, and the other guests seemed to be respectful of other guests. If you are looking for a ghoulish good time this Halloween season I highly recommend Frightmare Manor! They will not disappoin

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