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Fright Haven Haunted Attraction Review

Fright Haven- CT’s Best

Indoor Haunt Review

October 4, 2019

Fright Haven in Stratford, CT is by far one of Connecticut’s hidden gemstones, and a favorite of mine personally. To break this haunt down in a review is next to impossible, but here goes.

The haunt has 3 INDOOR themes, which means there is no chance of closing due to rain. 2019’s fall season themes are as follows, but not limited to: Pyscho Ward 13, Cabin In The Woods, and Carnival Of Lost Souls. I specify “fall” season because you can visit Fright Haven year-round during their special non-Halloween season events like: Valentine’s Day Massacre, for those spooky couples and lonely singles; Rotten Tails Revenge; St. Patrick’s Slay; and Frightmare Before Christmas, if you’re feeling extra festive. Needless to say, Fright Haven will bring you ticklish, hair raising spooks when you most need them. Their off season events are not last minute thrown together attractions, the holiday they open for is always heavily seasoned with the proper themes they are aiming for, so no matter which event you attend you are getting the best of their best. Parking is free, and there is plenty of it, so don’t worry about walking several blocks to get inside the haunt or paying a ridiculous fee.

The entrance/outside of the building is sometimes accompanied by a few stray ghouls chasing out your fellow visitors. Don’t worry, they’ll visit you later. Upon entering, you are greeted by a few friendly workers at the ticket desk, who will gladly answer any questions you have and can provide you with Fright Haven merchandise if you’d like some. The line to enter the three attractions is well organized, and at the door to enter you’ll be greeted by one of the scaremasters, Charles, who is as equally as charismatic as he is creepy. Then you are off on an adventure of twists and turns, tight spaces, psychedelic clown hang outs, and finding your way through the bushes littered with psychotic killers. The transitions through these themes are smoothed out, and you may find that some of the ghouls make sure you know how you’re being taken victim. A psych ward escapee may try to demand you climb onto a medical table, and be very upset with you for not partaking in whatever operation they had planned. You’re often picked away from your group, which they use to their full advantage. Though this may be extra frightening to some people, I used this opportunity to admire all the the work put into the scenes.

Nowhere goes untouched in Fright Haven; the walls are heavily decorated, or should I say, splattered with detail. While focusing on the details of the room, or if you’re a normal person unlike me, you’ll find that the more alone you are, the more likely you are to be under attack by the ghouls, so it’s probably a good idea to catch up with your group unless they’ve abandoned you to the 3D maze of psychedelic clowns. Everything in this maze was hand painted, and there isn’t an inch of untouched wall. You are provided with 3D glasses to emphasize your experience with the black lights, twisty paintings, dropping photo frames, and hidden lurkers waiting to prove to you just how bad your eye sight really is, and just how high you can jump.

2019’s structure is different than it was last year, you’ll actually get a chance to walk by the group of people waiting in line and they’ll get a quick taste of what is in store for them. This is such a unique detail I’ve never actually seen before in a haunt and yet again Fright Haven takes the cake for bringing haunting to another level.

Upon exiting, you may run into those ghouls I mentioned in the beginning, and you may get to meet Bobby, the manager who will ask you how your experience was. This is your time to show him your wet pants! If you are a Connecticut local, or just visiting, I highly suggest checking to see if Fright Haven is open and experiencing the state’s favorite, best, and most riveting indoor haunt. Regardless of what season it is, you are getting the best of the best.

Happy haunting!

-Haunt Seekers United Nation 

October 5th, 2019

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