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Four Scythes Review

Haunt Seekers United Nation made their way to Four Scythes 

Haunted Attraction located in Cumming GA., on October 30,2020. Four Scythes is located at the Cumming Fairgrounds nestled in the Horton Hall. As you make your way in, you can see the crowd gather in the que lines after they have had temperature checks to aide in the COVID-19 precautionary standards, as well as hand sanitizing stations before you make entry into the actual haunt.

 This year was the second year for this haunt, but you would not know that this would only be their Sophomore year as you make your way into the Manor. When you first enter, you come to the swamp that lays the boundary of the property to get to the entrance of the house. The details that surround you are beyond incredible! The flooring beneath you feels soft, the atmosphere is creepy, and the sounds keep you wondering if you are alone in this marshy madness. As you continue your way through to the house, you will be met by characters that bring the Manor style scares to life. Watch out for those wanting to take a little piece of you! You feel completely immersed in the house as you make passage through the rooms. The amount of detail that has been built into this haunt will truly give you the feeling that you are in a haunted Manor that will entrap you for your eternity.  With surprises to await you in places you would not expect, they have truly encapsulated the element of scares and surprise. Just when you feel that you have safely made it through a room without falling victim to the eerie realm of the house, something is bound to catch you off guard. From creepies skittering across floors, to jumping critters, to doors opening unexpectedly, and you never know what will pop out of dark corners, you are sure to have your heart racing! Do not let the size of this haunt fool you! It may appear to be small, but inside the scares and set details are monumentally enormous! With no space left out, they have packed in a full house of screams!

 As you make exit from the Manor, you are then guided to the Carnival of Screams. Just as you would expect, a carnival is fun filled with your favorite character.. Clowns! You enter into a tent area that in inhabited with clowns to provide you with thrills as you make your way through the labyrinth of twists and turns. You'll not know where your favorite fun character will make their appearance, so never trust that you are safely in the clear from encountering the carnivals entertainment. Do you have what it takes to survive the Carnival of screams?

 Once you have made it through the Carnival of Screams, you can make your way to a photo opportunity with a facade of a Manor style home and of course, the Reaper of the house. With plenty of opportunities to snap pictures of characters throughout your visit, there are many memories to take with you, even some to take with you in your dreams!

 Four Scythes Haunted Attraction is a unique styled haunt. As a non-profit haunt, proceeds are given to the American Cancer Society. Not only will your admission go to a phenomenal cause, you also have the chance to purchase shirts that carry the Four Scythes logo that are amazing!

  This is a true must visit haunt during haunt season. Not only does this haunt provide you with a beautiful design, scares to haunt you, 

but will forever have a memorable adventure for a great cause!

 Haunt Seekers United Nation is proud to award Four Scythes Haunted Attraction with a well deserved 5/5 stars. 

We can only, say that we were extremely impressed with all that this haunt has to offer and we look forward to seeing this haunt grow exceptionally in the years to come.

Haunt Seekers United Nation Review Team

Jennifer Bestpitch

William Lewis

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