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Crypid Haunted Trails Review


aunt Seekers United Nation took a trip out to Columbia ,TN on 10\11\20 to visit Cryptid Haunted Trails. It is quite a drive to get to this haunt. The first thing that caught my eye was how minimal the signage was but, hey, this is their first year in business! 

Now on to the review! 

They have a decent sized parking lot to accommodate for exceptionally busy nights. The Ticket booth is the first thing you'll approach when you arrive. We were happy to see they had checkpoints and hand sanitizer stations on sight for Corona virus precautions! The director/owner immediately met with us to get us to our place in line. The lines were not too incredibly long compared to the larger Nashville haunts. We were very pleased with the setup on the outside lot. With plenty to appease your visual aspects of the haunt. There are options available for you to purchase voodoo souvenirs ,sage, incense, and more! Many choices are available to fulfill your curiosities while you wait to enter! If interesting trinkets are not on your list, there is a photo opportunity that you definitely should not miss! 

Now on to the haunt! We were very pleased with the haunt in itself. There were several structures that had been set up to build the anticipation for the thrills you were about to embark on. From the eerie detailed graveyard, to backwoods hillbilly shacks, to castles, you are sure to be amazed! For this to be the first season for this haunt, they have remarkably left no detail untouched! The actor's were not only phenomenal, but they even scared us seasoned haunters twice! And let us also add we jumped at least 6 times! All while standing in the que line! Congratulations and huge shout out to the young actor that got the CEO of Haunt Seekers to scream.... Like a girl! PRETTY IMPRESSIVE! 

We do believe Cryptid Haunted Trails will go far in the Haunt Industry and we cannot wait to see them again! 

It is with PLEASURE that we would like to give Cryptid Haunted Trails a well deserved

5\5 stars 

-Haunt Seekers United Nation Management Team

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