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Creepy World Review

Due to Creepyworld having, as they say, 14 different attractions, they do have them split up. We then entered Creepyworld and were met with all sorts of actors, props, and animtronics. We were amazed by the detail of all of the actors and staff. The hayride was our favorite however. The escape room was great too.

The problems we saw that people would have and that we encountered, were mainly issues related to COVID-19. The lines had no social distancing, some actors and customers were not wearing masks or being forced like the sign says. Our last concern was that some animontrontics hit us, which did get one of our reviewers pretty hard so that could be improved.

Overall, it was a great experience and we want to, not only go back, but highly recommend it. Haunt Seekers United Nation score of Creepyworld is 4.5 stars of 5. An awesome and memorable experience and can't wait to return. Until next time, be safe, and scare you later.

-Haunt Seekers United Nation Reviews Team

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