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Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods Review

spring Hill, Tennessee is home to “Creepy Woods Hollow Haunted Woods”, which has been standing for around 9 years for good measure. This is an attraction that you can bring your whole family to for a night of fun. Bonfires, good food and a projection screen playing Halloween favorites to make it more enjoyable. The owners of the haunt themselves jump into the mix of the spookiness, which is something I haven’t seen many haunts do.

Three themed areas including indoor and outdoor experiences that keep the energy rolling. A plentiful amount of ghouls, goblins and cryptids makes for a clash of anxiety and paranoia. They also really play on the stillness of the forest for their scares. This haunts has its own set of things it offer as a 15 year old haunt and is executed very well.   Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods brings back the nostalgic traditional haunted woods experience that all old school horror fans would love. While it isn’t the most jaw dropping haunted woods, the Halloween spirit drives this place. If you're expecting elaborate and intricate designs this is not the place for you. They do well with what has been given to them and execute it with a fiery passion. The actors were a hit or miss but the environment as a whole had great energy. I would like to advise you don’t wear new shoes, due to the haunt having outside sections.

3/5 stars

-Haunt Seekers United Nation 

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