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Crawford School Of Terror Review

Haunt Seekers took a trip to the very eerie Crawford School Of Terror this past Friday. It was about an hour's drive for us to this haunt. Upon arriving at the property we could see the old school building glowing blue as it lit up the fall night sky. This was an amazing sight to behold. There was a great amount of parking across from the building as we approached the haunt. The ticket booth was a short walk on the back left side of the building. We were immediately greeted by the monsters lurking outside the haunt. In the lines the tooth fairy lady was very good in her role. She could have walked away with some new teeth from me and my team but sadly we need these teeth to represent ourselves; but looked like she had plenty with all the patrons waiting in the lines. Moving on to inside Crawford School Of Terror is very unique in it’s own way by being in a old school building. As soon as you walked in, you could feel that type of atmosphere and the very eerie feeling of being watched by the unknown. This building has some history from all its years. This haunt has a total of three very highly detailed immersive floors and scenes and some of the most creepy looking monsters you will ever set your eyes on. There are over 50 cast lurking throughout the three floors. This haunt definitely had it! My team and I felt something the second we walked in as we are in tune with the paranormal. As haunt seekers, we also study the paranormal scene of the industry. We were even told the owner/founder Troy Flesik has experienced some pretty frightening things while working at the haunt. Be sure to read up on their back story before going; this will set the mood for the haunt. On the outside of this haunt they offer concessions, axe throwing and an electric chair. Crawford also offers their very own Crawford coffee and for all you merchandise lovers, they had plenty of T-shirts and other apparel. This haunt was an amazing experience. Haunt Seekers has decided that this haunt is a 5 star haunt.

Thanks on behalf of Haunt Seekers United Nation, LLC for having us come out. Stay spooky!

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