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Cobb Factory Haunted House Review

I went to The Cobb Factory presented by Panicfest located in Old Monroe, MO this past Friday night. There were two of us in our group. The cost was about what was expected and line was not bad. I will mention I went by again Saturday night and it was jammed packed. While in line they did well with a few actors scaring us. We waited maybe 15 minutes. We then were read the rules, and allowed to enter the Cobb Factory, we were met by all sorts of scary monsters, clowns, chainsaws and many others. The scenes were done well all the actors and staff were very good and professional. There markup and mask were very detailed. They do very well with inter acting with there customer's. We were in tge haunted house a good 45 minutes. I talked with a few others who went in before us and came out after and was told they were in there longest an hour and 10 mintues. Overall the Cobb Factory is very worth a visit. They do add on every year and I believe they get better every year. I definitely look forward to returning and hope to have some pictures at a later date. On a scale of 1 to 5 I would give them a 5 for sure. They are one of the best Ive been too. Ive worked and been to alot over the years and they were able to make even me jump a few times which is not easy to do. Until the next time I wish everyone a safe and scary Halloween season.

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